Panic lock Bricard Touch Pad Evolution

5301 010

Reversible and modular emergency closure with 1, 2 or 3 points, suitable for equipping doorsets.

Installation on wooden, aluminium, metal or PVC doors, height 2500 mm maximum

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  • Available in 1,2 and 3 point versions with top/bottom and side bolt kit.
  • Equipment of the semi-fixed leaf of a set with two leaves whose service leaf is equipped with an anti-panic closure. Completes the compulsory anti-panic function on the service leaf with a simple breakout at the level of the semi-fixed leaf
  • Emergency closing replaces the firefighter creone.
  • Highly reliable emergency lock available in a wide range of colors: Silver, Black, White.
  • The TOUCH PAD EVOLUTION closure harmonizes perfectly with the Bricard range of anti-panic closures. Bricard panic locks
  • 240 hour resistance to salt spray and temperatures from -20° to + 80°.
  • Meets the requirements of standard EN 179, CE marking compliant (certificate provided on request).
  • Able to equip an El60 fire door block
  • Tested at 400,000 cycles.
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  • Bricard
  • 5301 010
  • Pad
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Panic lock Bricard Touch Pad Evolution
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