Dierre New Power a2p2* lock cylinder

  • Security cylinder a2p 2 stars.
  • To maintain the a2p2* label of your Dierre lock. A2P 2 stars standard.
  • Dimensions: Ext: 35 mm, Int: 45 mm.
  • Supplied with 5 keys and a property card

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The high security New Power cylinder from Dierre offers the highest level of security of European profile cylinders according to standard EN 1303: 2005. It has obtained the A2P certification issued by the CNPP and can therefore be fitted to armored doors.

New concept:

In the absence of a key, the internal grooves are in a random position and therefore each movement or vibration on the cylinder causes them to move. Only the introduction of the right key can put the pins in the exact place and unlock the cylinder.

His combinations:

The New Power cylinder is made up of 7 grooves, each of its grooves can have 5 different positions, as well as 2 pins that can also take 2 different positions. Its fraudulent reproduction is therefore blocked.

His keys:

The keys are reversible and therefore easy to insert, they are machined so that the pins follow a track that's why they are wave-shaped. If an external person tries to duplicate your key and the introduced into the cylinder, it will detect it and the cylinder will block to prevent any intrusion attempt.

Resistance to extraction and drilling:

The entrance door cylinder is composed of an axial steel reinforcing bar to combat forced extraction. It also incorporates 2 anti-drilling protection in hardened steel.

Advantages of the New Power cylinder:
• Better protection in the event of extraction of the cylinder (anti-traction protection)
• Easy assembly thanks to the use of special fixing screws instead of the
classic thorns
• Solid structure and high tensile and shear strength thanks to the use of
high strength alloy connection and screws

Product Details
  • Dierre
  • 62Y
  • Atra New Power
  • Haute Sécurité
  • européen
  • Double input
  • 2 stars
  • DIERRE Atra A2P1* with european cylinder
    Standard lock
  • 5
  • No
  • DIN Standard
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Dierre New Power a2p2* lock cylinder
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